MAT Toolkits for the SUD Workforce

With support from DHCS, Harbage Consulting is creating a series of MAT Toolkits aimed at educating the SUD workforce about MAT and how it can help the clients they serve.

The first toolkit, released in January, is aimed at informing residential treatment facilities about how they can offer MAT within their facility, either by allowing clients to access their medications during their stay, or by receiving approval from DHCS to provide Incidental Medical Services (IMS). The toolkit contains information about the science behind MAT; process for receiving IMS approval; and how providers can become DATA 2000 waivered to prescribe buprenorphine. The toolkit also contains sample policies and procedures for providing IMS, so that facilities can quickly adopt the necessary measures to safely provide clients medications.

The second toolkit was released in June, and is aimed at helping substance use counselors become familiar with MAT and have conversations with their clients about how MAT can help them. The toolkit contains:

  • A two-part booklet explaining the research supporting MAT, and how counselors can help clients who are receiving MAT as part of their treatment
  • Two quick guide documents to the FDA-approved medications for opioids and alcohol use disorder
  • A quick guide to helping clients find an MAT prescriber
  • An instruction guide to using the overdose reversal drug Narcan
  • A document from the National Council on Challenging Myths about MAT​
  • SAMHSA’s MAT for Opioid Addiction – Facts for Family and Friends

The toolkits can be accessed from the MAT Toolkits Project Page. Email if you are interested in receiving printed copies of either toolkit for your organization.

Future toolkits will focus on providing resources for DUI programs and criminal justice settings. Harbage Consulting is also working on a consumer-facing resource to help educate individuals about MAT and how to find treatment within their community.