Systems of Care

Through the Opioid Systems of Care initiative, Health Management Associates (HMA) is providing system-wide stakeholder engagement services, coaching and other technical assistance to strengthen treatment and recovery ecosystems throughout the state. Despite the expansion of the Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS), many locales throughout California still grapple with how to build an accessible, high quality treatment and recovery ecosystem, leaving their residents struggling to access, navigate, and realize continuity of services in fragmented systems that can be overwhelming. The ultimate goal of the project is to facilitate the recovery journey of those with substance use disorder by supporting counties to expand access to and provide continuity of treatment as these individuals transition between locations, such as emergency departments, inpatient hospital settings, primary care clinics, jails, prisons, and/or the community at large; and levels of care, such as residential, intensive and other outpatient care.

To address the specific needs of an individual county’s treatment ecosystem, HMA is providing a program of process improvement through two-day process improvement events with consensus-building to develop a blueprint for an improved future state for the treatment system. Following the two-day events, the HMA team works over the course of a year providing follow-up assistance to address the county’s gaps and barriers and conducts direct coaching to increase the number of MAT providers in the county. In addition, HMA provides a comprehensive website of opioid addiction treatment information for California, with durable training material, and an HMA data dashboard with county-level SUD risk and treatment resources.

Systems of Care Counties: Marin, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Siskiyou, and Yolo.

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